What your skin is telling you...

In ancient Chinese medicine, looking at your face can offer many tools to what is taking place inside your body.   This has always fascinated me because it has always seemed spot on with people I talk to.  Understanding the correlation will help you focus in on imbalances in your body.

Forehead Lines:  Digestive disorder and blockage (time to add more fiber to your diet!).

Laugh Lines:  Lung line (no more smoking!).

Crows Feet:  Your body could be over worked and stressed (eat more detoxifying foods).

Dark Under Eye Circles:  Adrenal exhaustion.  Possibly too much protein.

Chin & Jaw Breakouts:  Hormonal Imbalance.

Do you notice any connection?

xx Lindz

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  1. haha uh oh... breakouts! This is super interesting, I love learning about these kind of things :) Great post!

    1. Thanks Kristina! Interesting how it all connects huh? xx

  2. love this!! how do i fix my hormonal imbalance??? i have some breakouts!


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