Foster Huntington: On Van Life & Pacific Northwest Adventuring

This travelin' man has a pretty rad thing going. For the past two years he has been driving up and down the West, taking some insane photos, exploring, surfing and camping.  Check out the links below and enjoy the rapid fire Q & A with Foster...

It's Sunday morning, what are you up to?

My days all kind of bleed together.  I don't have a conventional job so my the weekend isn't necessarily any different from a week day.  But my average day starts early,  normally around 6:00am.  I'll wake up and check my emails if I have cellphone reception.  If not, I'll read for a bit before getting into the front seat and driving to find a place to eat breakfast and have coffee.

Mountain camping or coastal camping?

Mountain camping.  Coastal camping is usually really crowded while there are so many mountains with no one for miles.

Favorite Pacific Northwest surf spot?

If I told you, I'd have to kill you!

Beer or whiskey?

Beer, all the way.

Favorite camping spot in Oregon?

There is a great place off the 101 in Southern Oregon.  Its an access road to a gravel cory. It looks like Scotland.

If you could bottle up a camp smell what would it be?

A cedar or fir camp fire.

Best scenic west coast drive?

The Lost Coast in Northern California

Portland for a day- what's on your agenda?

Get Coffee at Heart. Meet up with some friends from back in the day for lunch and then go skate the Brooklyn Park.  Dinner somewhere in North East.

Van beds must be interesting. How often do you change your sheets? 

I actually don't have sheets, just a sleeping bag, and I hate to say it,  but i rarely clean it.

Favorite easy meal on the road?

I eat at a lot of hole in the wall Mexican Restaurants.  They are all over the place- cheap, simple and fast.

Favorite Northwest town to visit?

Moiser, Oregon in August.

Describe your perfect day?

A perfect day would be surfing with some friends in Mexico at a deserted right point break.  It would be a couple feet over head and barreling.  I would surf all day and barely have time to get food and water.  I'd pass out just after dark hoping the next day would be the same.

Music on repeat in the van?

Warren Zevon, Desperados Under the Eaves, Dire Straights, & Sultans of Swing.

5 Things you can't live without?

My iPhone,  my camper,  a surfboard, a wetsuit and a sleeping bag.

 All photos belong to www.arestlesstransplant.com


  1. Great q&a! Doing great stuff on here Lindsay!

  2. Really great interview, Lindsay


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