What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Summer is hereeeeeee! We braved the rain and now get to celebrate the famous Oregon summer. Our home is full of our wedding gifts, open windows, blossoming flowers in our garden, and some books and baby outfits (already!). And new summertime bed sheets... oh the joy new sheets bring me!

Here are the things I am loving this week!

1. Maldon Sea Salt: After attending a Hipcooks cooking class in Portland, the lady running class got me hooked on the sea salt flakes. It makes my favorite salad dressing taste insanely better (lemon, olive oil, sea salt, pepper).

2. Rifle Journals from Paper Source: I'm a huge note taker. I sleep better and function better if I'm able to get my thoughts and to-do lists on paper. These thin notebooks are ideal to keep with you and they are so dang cute!

3. Stock: I love fresh flowers. I just feel happier having them around! And stock... I love big bundles of it. They have the greatest smell.

4. Latte Machine: Since I've been pregnant I've cut back on caffeine, but I still have a little everyday! Latte's have been my best friend, but they get PRICEY when you pay for one everyday. Now, I get to make my own at home. Coconut milk, stevia or coconut sugar, vanilla, and a shot of espresso- voila!

5. Ina May's Guide to Childbirth: This came highly recommended from my acupuncturist and I have just recently started to read it. I love her take on birth- it is such an enlightening and helpful book- I highly recommend it as well!

6. Royal Apothic- Noble Carnation: I love a good perfume. I would spend a good amount of money for a great one that smells yummy and lasts long. I used to only wear Hanae Mori, until I found this one in Anthropologie. It is like a smokey vanilla scent and I get compliments on it all the time. I used to not tell anyone what I wore, but secrets out! ; )

7. Sydney Hale Co. Candles: Another thing I will always spend a bit more money on is a good candle. The Fir and Blue Sage candle is my favorite, but I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong with any of their scents. They burn evenly and have the perfect amount of fragrance.

8. Tycho "Dive" Album: This album is my favorite background music for getting work done or taking a long drive. Love, love, love this album right now.


Wedding Bliss

Pardon my little hiatus, but I was getting married in MAUI! It was the most wonderful time and I already miss that place terribly. We had a small group of 15 there, including my best friend since high school and her boyfriend coming out from where they live in Indonesia. That means- flight after flight after flight to get there. I couldn't have been more grateful to have everyone there.

Back in Oregon, Tyson and I are now getting prepped for our Oregon reception with more friends and family this weekend. So much fun going on right now. And thank goodness for my 13th week of pregnancy. I'm feeling a lot more energy than before! Watch out!

Marriage so far has only meant more kisses, more laughs, and more great memories.  I love more than anything, just being able to call Tyson my husband. My life is so incredibly fulfilled with him. 


Bun in the Oven!

Many of you might have experienced the feeling, but I was in total disbelief when I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I had to take about 5 tests until I realized that they were just going to keep coming back positive. Holy crap!!

It truly is the most exciting/nerve wrecking feeling. Telling Tyson I was pregnant was the cutest thing... I've never seen his face light up so much. And then telling the parents... my Mom texted me about 15 times the next day telling me that she couldn't stop crying and she was so excited. She's been wanting to be "Nana" for quite some time now. 

I've always wanted kids, I just didn't know when. And when I met Tyson, kids were brought up by our third date. I just was over-the-moon excited to start a family with him. Seeing our relationships dynamic and the type of man he is... I was like, "Yup, he is going to make the worlds best Dad and we are going to be a great team!"

And going in for the ultrasound was the most beautiful thing. I was so nervous to go in. You just hear all of those horror stories. But we both went in, held hands and saw our little one active as can be in there. Once we heard the actual heartbeat, we both cried. It is so surreal! 

The first trimester has been going pretty well. I definitely feel nauseous from time to time, but nothing too crazy. More than anything, I just feel much more tired than normal. I am typically a go-go-go person, so feeling slowed down drives me a bit bonkers, but I'm just trying to embrace the process. I've kept my lifestyle basically the same. I still workout everyday, kept my calories the same, and sleep a lot. I have been trying to incorporate more dairy and gluten into my diet from time to time, but that is about it!

Oh... and the cravings. Those are hilarious. I literally craved tacos for an entire day, came home to make them and decided I was craving refried beans with cheese instead. And I ate an entire can. And it was heaven. 

While I can definitely feel my body changing a bit, I still "vow" to wear that dang wedding dress in one week. Might be a little tighter than expected, but it is still happening. 

Hawaii, HERE WE COME!!!!


Moments of Gratitude

This morning, as I slowly began to complain about the weather, a messy driveway (from a ginormous tree in front of our house), being sore from a hard workout, and the fact that I have to go to work... I quickly stopped myself in my car. I said to myself, "whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute!"

Sometimes I catch myself, complaining about such minor things, which at the time seem like the biggest deal. To which I usually say out loud "first world problems, Lindsay." It's crazy because I think sometimes we as humans just have a hard time being grateful for what we actually do have. We always want more, something different, something better, yet so much of what we have to be thankful about is right in front of us.

This morning, I am thankful for living in such a beautiful city. While sometimes being in Portland drives me nuts, it is overall one of the most amazing places you could live, in my opinion.

I am thankful for my fiance. I can't even begin to explain how much I love that man. I had no idea a man so perfect existed and I feel beyond grateful to have a lifetime with him.

I'm thankful for my family and friends. I lucked out with two parents that have done nothing more than show my sister and I love and support our whole lives. They make me smile just thinking about them.

I'm thankful for my job. Working for a modeling agency isn't always the most uplifting environment, but thanks to a great group of coworkers and not taking the industry too seriously, I've usually always made the best out of it. And I truly try my best to be a positive light in an industry full of darkness. There can be a very fun, positive side to it if you make it that way.

Oh, and 10 days until vacation. I'm pretty dang grateful for that.

Time to practice more gratitude, daily...