Raw Detox Salad

Gooooood morning! I am feeling great after returning home from my trip to San Diego. Rested and tanned- thank goodness! The only thing missing are my parents- I wanted to sneak them in my suitcase. I miss them so darn much! Honestly, getaways like that are so important. I could care less about clothes and other material things, I would much rather spend the money on travel, even if it is somewhere close. My next trip is going to be a solo one- I'm thinking somewhere in the San Juan islands? Gotta love airbnb, right?

Anyway, if you've been- tell me about it!  Meanwhile, let's make this deeeeelicious salad:

Raw Detox Salad

Have you ever heard of Kimberly Snyder? I really like her book the Beauty Detox Solution. While I would never follow a completely raw diet like that personally, I still think she makes valid points and we could all use more of an incorporation of raw foods this way.


1 bunch kale
2 big handfuls sprouts
1/2 cucumber
2 roma tomatoes 
1 avocados
3 tablespoons raw hemp seeds
2 meyer lemons
1/4-1/2 cup nutritional yeast
cayenne peppers
a big handful of dulse
sea salt


Remove kale leaves from stems and tear into small pieces by hand. Sprinkle in a bit of sea salt and add 1/2 of the avocado, mushing into the leaves to wilt. Chop tomatoes, cucumber and the other avocado and mix in. Add the juice of the meyer lemons, dulse, sprouts cayenne, hemp seeds and nutritional yeast. 

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