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This weekend was spent indoors, thanks to the aggressive storm hitting the Northwest right now. I find it extremely hard to get a whole lot done when it is stormy outside. I default to pj's, a big cozy blanket, the smell of chili on the stove and a good book. Who's with me?

My sister and I have been talking a lot about crafts and other projects to start this coming winter. When the weather is crappy, you've got to have activities other than eating to keep you sane. So, this weekend we began... rosewater toner and some aromatherapy soy candles were first up on the agenda.

Who knew that candle making was so easy?

Head here for step by step directions on making your own soy candles.

My scent of choice? Lavender, vanilla, and sweet orange (aka, instant mood uplifter)

As for the toner... here are the easy DIY directions:

Rosewater Toner

1 glass bottle of choice (I got mine at Goodwill for $0.99)
5 drops rosewater concentrate
2 drop jojoba oil
Distilled water

Mix together, shake it up, voila!

So what's it good for? Hydration, cell regeneration, and its anti-inflammatory (great for sensitive skin).

Making this stuff at home is great. Your bank account will thank you as well- simple and inexpensive! More to come soon... : )

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