Oysters Baltimore

Last night I was ever so lucky to learn a secret recipe.  I have permission to share this which means you MUST make these!  They truly are delicious.

First you will want to shuck the oysters.  As you can see below, this was a mans duty (women are welcome to as well, don't worry).  If you buy these where they are already shucked it would probably be easier, but if you chose to do this on your own you can learn how to here.

and now... for the recipe...

Oysters Baltimore


2 dozen oysters (or more depending on the crowd)
1 block of cheddar cheese
1 package of bacon
Tabasco sauce (as needed)

**To make a healthier version (although you should splurge on this), I would chose turkey bacon and mozzarella instead.**

How to:

Preheat oven to 500 degrees
Line pan full of shucked oysters
Dice the cheddar cheese into small sugar cube size pieces (maybe a bit larger if you like more cheese)
Cut bacon (uncooked) into as many slices as there are oysters


Place one piece of cheese and bacon over each oyster.  Make sure the cheese goes on first.  

Once you have done that for each oyster sprinkle pepper and a squirt or two of tabasco over each oyster.

Place in oven about 15 minutes at 500 degrees and then broil until the bacon has browned.

**You can't really go wrong cooking these!  Just make sure to brown the bacon and you can cover each one with as much cheese and bacon as you please!  


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