Goat Cheese & Almond Covered Grapes

A cheese plate to me is one of the easiest, tastiest things to have at a party.  When I used to live in the wine country, ordering cheese plates was essential.  I was always inspired up there at the different ways you would find the cheese served.  My favorite way wound up being with honey (must be the sweet tooth of mine).

Here are my cheese platter tips:
  • Always garnish with grapes
  • If you are having a big meal, don't serve the cheese with crackers (or else everyone will be full)
  • Always include dips (such as honey, mustard, etc.)
  • Include a meat (I like salami, but if I try and make a healthier one I go for turkey meatballs)
  • Include three different cheeses (I like Cheddar, Gouda, and Parmesan).
  • Make my Goat cheese & almond covered grapes (below)

Goat Cheese & Almond Covered Grapes

2 packets of goat cheese (any size will do, make sure not to by herbed)
About 1 1/2 cups of green grapes
1 cup of almonds

How To:
Crush the almonds in a plastic bag 
Wash grapes and dry well
Begin forming the cheese around the grape and roll in the palm of your hand
Lastly, roll the grape covered in goat cheese around in the crushed almonds

Place in fridge for 1 hour

ENJOY, everyone will love this.