Monday: Setting up your week the right way...

Monday seems to be quite the beloved day when you are planning to change up your routine.  "I'm going to start my new workout routine... Monday!"  "Oh, my diet starts... Monday."  "I'm going to start waking up earlier starting... Monday!" Since we have placed so much pressure on a day like Monday, we ought to take full advantage of the prestige it has gained.  It's time to utilize Monday's like never before...

  • Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than normal.
  • Start off with at least 8oz room temp water with squeezed lemon for metabolism and digestion.
  • Eat a powerful breakfast (search the NOURISH breakfast link)
  • Make a week "to-do" list (include all things that you need to and would like to get done).
  • If you really want to go for it... try a morning workout rather than waiting until night time (and set your alaram for an additional 20 minutes early).
  • Journal... write down three things you love about yourself and three things you would like to strive to become or get better at this week.
  • Prep a healthy and exciting lunch (one that you will look forward to eating), and some tasty, good-for-you snacks for the day.  
Remember... the world's most influential people all have the same amount of time in the day... it's just a matter of how we occupy it!

xx Lindsay

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  1. I love this post. I always try and do these things...but the way you write it makes it seem so much more doable and inspiring. I'm setting my alarm 30 minutes earlier tomorrow. And I'm getting up! Thank you.

  2. This is an amazing post. I'm going to try and make this my monday!


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