Loving Your Body... just the way it is!

A positive body image is something that I feel quite strongly about.  So much of the work I do isn't just to physically change the body, but it is to transform my clients both physically AND mentally.  While seeing results is a great feeling, nothing is more sustaining than being able to look in the mirror and love the person that you see.

I've always been a strong believer that our mental state overpowers everything else, regardless of how many pushups we do, how great our outfit looks, or how many veggies we eat!  When was the last time you took focus off the things you want to change about your body and began to admire the things you love?

We have all been wonderfully made- hand crafted!  We can spend forever trying to fix and change things about ourselves, but the moment you spend more time on appreciating how beautiful you are, the more beautiful you become.  And truthfully, this is one of the most difficult things to do, but we must learn to love ourselves first!

Here are my challenges for you today:

1.  Find something positive to say about all the things you normally would judge your body for.

2.  Let go of ANYTHING hurtful that anyone has ever said about you.  Write it on a piece of paper, tear it up, whatever you have to do.  That is not what defines you or who you are.  All those names said or comments made are now a thing of the past.

3.  Confidence is SEXY (men and women!) and only requires a shift in your mind.  Nothing is more attractive than someone who feels good in their own skin.

4.  Try not to judge yourself when admiring the beauty of others.  "I wish I had her hair," "I wish I had those legs."  Acknowledge that person for what you find beautiful about them, but remember, NO one is perfect... they have their insecurities as well.  They are not more than or less than you.

5.  Talk yourself out of situations where you feel "less than" others.  For instance, you get invited to a party and couldn't find anything great to wear so you are feeling so-so about yourself.  You walk into the party and everyone there looks great in your eyes.  You immediately start to "less than." "I wish I could put an outfit like that together," "I wish I were that skinny," etc., etc.  Pay attention to these triggers!  Begin talking yourself UP.  "I am beautiful," "I look great tonight," etc.  I know it may sound a bit silly, but it is SO important that we catch ourselves in these distorted mind sets and that we do what we can to bring ourselves out of it, rather than sulk about what we are not or what we do not have.

6.  Lastly, take care of your body.  While loving our body is the first step, we also need to take care of the one we are given.  The more we feed or body with healthy, REAL food, the better we feel all around.

You are beautiful!


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  1. Thank you for this! I have been pretty down on myself and my looks lately, and it's good to be reminded that we are all imperfect, as well as "hand crafted." Love it!

  2. I love this. I'm favoriting this post for days when I'm not feeling my greatest.

  3. So glad you like the post Penni! Imperfection is beautiful! xx


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