A Fresh Start & A Cup of Joe

As I sit here with my cup of coffee this morning, I have new beginnings on my mind.  As I'm sure you have all figured out, this year has been a really tough year for me, leaving a big empty place in my heart.  But I am reminded this morning that looking back on the past does not pave a better future.

I am fascinated by the strength and resilience that lies in each of us.  Sometimes it takes difficult circumstances to push it to the surface, but we all have it in us.  This world, and our own self for that matter, can try and make it look like things will never change or that we aren't capable... But the truth is, that we are the only thing in the way of getting what we want out of life and being the person we want and can be.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, dealing with a sickness, going through a breakup, depressed, or struggling with anything either big or small, can I just encourage you... Trust in WHAT CAN BE.

Here are a few things I've found helpful in my own life:

1.  Write out a thorough description of what you want your life to look like.  Mine went a little like this:   A happy and loving relationship, a successful nutrition business, a best-selling book, owning and renovating a cottage in the North West, travel adventures, stable emotions, strong friendships, a happy family, healthy children, increased self worth and self esteem, getting myself involved in a great charity where I can give back, speaking to different businesses and schools, etc. etc. 

2.  Do the work.  Nothing ever gets done just talking about it!  If you want to lose weight, how hard are you working at it?  If you want to be happy, what kind of thoughts are set in your mind?  If you want to start that business, have you started the planning and saving, or is it still just on the wish list?

3.  Watch your surroundings.  I feel SO strongly about this one.  When they say you are who you hang out with, that's a true statement.  Take a good look at who you spend your time with... maybe it is time to let go of friendships and relationships that are not growing you or filling your life in a positive way.  You will be a better person because of it.

4.  Circle of life.  Try this exercise  here and get familiar with the areas in your life that may be lacking.

5.  Nourish your mind and body.  While we have the mental capabilities to do all the above, we still need to fuel our power source.  You can't expect to be clear and level headed with an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.  Commit to taking control of your health.  You would be surprised at how your life would be with less toxins and more movement.


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  1. Wow. Thank you for this booster this morning. Exactly what I needed to hear.

  2. Hey Lindsay,

    Thank you for opening up with your personal life. It is encouraging to know that we all go thorough pain, but it's how we come out on top that defines us.

    Thank you sharing great wisdom.

    With love,


  3. Lindsay this a brilliant post!
    Couldn't agree with number 3 more...after I had treatment for melanoma cancer this year my doctor advised me to get rid of unnecessary baggage in my life an avoid people and situations that don't make me happy!

  4. So needed to reaed this, this morning! Thank you!


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