Game Day: Spicy Chicken Sausage Dogs

Woo wee- have I found my new favorite "company" food to make!  As you all know, my favorite thing to do is make traditionally un-healthy meals into healthy ones (while maintaing great flavor still, of course).  

Well, mission accomplished! 

Trader Joe's has some very tasty and flavorful chicken sausages.  You have probably seen them!  While they run a bit high in sodium for my liking, they still make for a great low calorie addition to pasta, on top of salads, with breakfast, and now... as a sausage dog.

Next time you want to impress a crowd of screaming football fans, "wow" them with this one...

Spicy Chicken Dogs
(serves 5)

1 Package of Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage (5)
Udi's Gluten Free buns or Spelt buns
1 Large Red Bell pepper
1 Large yellow Bell pepper
1 Yellow Onion
1/3 C. Dijon Mustard
Salt & Pepper to taste
1 Tsp. Oregano
1 Tbs. Olive oil


Slice bell peppers and onions into rings.
In a large frying pan, begin cooking peppers and onions with olive oil over medium heat.
Add salt and pepper to taste along with the oregano.
Cook for about 8 minutes.
Meanwhile, half way through cooking the peppers, either grill or stove top cook the chicken sausage.  
You can serve with toasted hot dog buns or not (if using gluten free, make sure to slightly toast).

Then, prepare the dog...

Place the grilled sausage into the bun.
Add some dijon mustard.
Place peppers on top.

Eat & Enjoy!!!! 

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