Featured Interview: Coach Rob

Robert is a fitness coach in Southern California at one of my favorite places, EZIA Human Performance.  Here, he answers some of your fitness questions that you have been asking about!

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What is your philosophy when it comes to health and fitness?

If you have an able body, you should test it, find its limitations, and smash through them. Not everyone is born with that opportunity...

What form of exercise will give us the quickest results?

That all depends on the results desired. There are several different focuses and methods to achieve results, but the key to being successful is to have a plan, make goals, and find an environment that works for you.

What are your top 3 favorite pre-workout snacks?

1. egg and avocado
2. apple or banana and almond butter
3. bacon...

Are longer workouts necessarily better, or can we get good results in 30 minutes?

That would depend a lot on someones fitness levels and personal goals, but you could absolutely put a great routine and effective work out together in 30min and if that's all you have time for.  That's 30 minutes more of healthy activity than you had before!

Best booty buster exercise?

Squats, lunges, split squats.

Most effective lower ab exercise?

Definitely, stability ball leg lowering.

If we want to see great results in 30 days, what should we be doing?

Stay focused!  Be progressive in your training and don't neglect rest days.

Oh, and how did you get those big biceps? ; )

Me? biceps?...

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