Books, Layers, and Pumpkins

October has been a fun filled month for me so far.  It has been great to actually experience Fall- something we don't really get in San Diego!  Lately, I've been spending a lot of time working on my business and studying.  It has been over a year since I finished school and I have to say, refreshing yourself on everything is never a bad idea.

I've also been trying my best to adjust to the wardrobe change.  I'm learning the importance of layering... and wearing socks!

And how it doesn't matter how cute they are, flats just don't cut it on rainy days... 

But my green military jacket... outstanding investment! 

I've also learned lately that when you live in the Northwest, you soak up every bit of sunshine you can when it decides to come out.  Which is why a trip to the pumpkin patch was a necessity... Muddy pumpkin patch trip or a dry one? ; )

We ventured to Krugers Farm on Sauvie Island, which has a pretty awesome corn maze... just sayin'! 
Not to mention, they have beautiful produce and some great looking pumpkins. 

I have sincerely capitalized on the season and I have to admit, it feels darn good!  I've made it a point to eat seasonally, which means that apples, pumpkins, and squash have been staples in my diet.  I've also made cookies- maybe a few too many.  And I've been to every Fall event this city has to offer.  Now, I just have to pick a Halloween costume.  What is everyone dressing up as???

Happy Tuesday friends!!  Hope today makes you smile. =)


  1. I need to get my Halloween costume as well! May just use an old one... Seriously loving your outfits by the way!

  2. So fun :)
    And so true about the flats!
    This makes me want to put on a sweater and head to the pumpkin patch! Too bad it's still in the upper 80s here in San Antonio.

  3. these pictures are so cute!

    lindsay - i am new to your blog and am pretty much addicted. i love it. i struggle with finding healthy and raw recipes for my hubby and i and i love your take on life. so excited to continue to read more! xox

  4. Oh my goodness those pumpkins look absolutely amazing! And a corn maze! Ahhh I'm so jealous, I haven't been to one of those in forever!

  5. I love your clothes! Youa re toooo cute!! where did you get your sweater and jacket?? xoxo


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