Reflections and Resolutions

I'm filling up on a healthy breakfast and reflecting on 2012.  I must say- it was one of the toughest years yet, but somehow one of the best too.  The highlights were: starting my nutrition business, going on my dream trip to France, moving to Oregon, and more than anything... just living life with less fear and more excitement.

This year I have a lot of business and blog changes that I am so thrilled about.  First of all, you may have already noticed that www.nourishbylindsay.com is now my nutrition and health counseling business site.  My blog will be changed over to www.kaleandcoriander.com and is going to focus more on clean eating recipes (gluten free, dairy free, and low glycemic), as well as lifestyle.

For the next few days I would LOVE to hear your resolutions for 2013.  I am a firm believer in goal setting and sharing them with others... the more we put our dreams and goals out there, the more we focus on tackling them.  Head over to www.facebook.com/nourishnutrition and write me your resolution.  I am giving away 3 copies of a healthy stocked pantry and grocery list to three winners! =)

Be well,

Lindz xx

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