Be Well

Lately, I have been religiously drinking a homemade version a wellness toddy. And sorry guys, not the kind with whiskey (although I have great things to say about those).

It may not be AS good as the one they make at one of my favorite local spots, Prasad, but for those of you not living in Portland, you can give this concoction a try at home and I promise you will love it! One sip and you will already feel better. =)


Echinacea tea
Raw honey
Fresh ginger (or ginger juice)
Fresh squeezed lemon
Cayenne pepper (just a pinch)

Why and When?

I drink this twice a week during the winter.  But mid-cold, this drink is great.  Ginger helps you perspire and has anti-inflammatory properties.  Lemon is an antiseptic.  Honey is great for soothing and is basically your natural antibiotic.  And the echinacea tea and cayenne helps loosen up congestion and are all around immune boosters.

Feeling better already? ; )

Stay warm and stay well my friend!


  1. darling blog! we love making honey-lemon tea, we'll have to add ginger too now! now following you! xo

  2. that sounds so good fro you. i've been really good about taking my vitamins and drinking lots of water


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