Total Body Toning + Workout Playlist

Total Body Circuit Routine


Tribe Called Quest- "Award Tour"
Robyn- "Dancing On My Own"
PNAU- "Embrace"
Fugees- "Fu-Gee-La (sly and robbie remix)
Rolling Stones- "Gimme Shelter"
Ellie Goulding- "Starry Eyed (Jakwob remix)
Mobb Deep- "Shock Ones"
Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch- "Sweet Nothing"
Lana Del Rey- "Blue Jeans RAC Remix"
Miguel- "Adorn"
Muse- "Madness"

3 minute warm up (jog, jump rope, jumping jacks, skaters)

*Perform each move with reps recommended, repeat set 3 times.

1. High Swing- Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding one end of a dumbbell (use a 10-pound one if you have it) in both hands in front of hips. Squat, lowering dumbbell between legs. Stand up quickly, swinging dumbbell to head height (as shown). Thrust hips forward to power the move. Keep torso tall, abs tight and arms straight throughout. 15 reps. 

2. Squat-Thrust Jump- Stand about 6 inches from step or bottom stair. Squat and place palms shoulder-width apart on step. Hop feet back so body is straight from heels to head. Keeping abs tight, hop feet into a wide V (as shown). Reverse the move, jumping feet together, then toward hands. Finally, jump up, reaching arms overhead. 15 reps.

3. Swing Lunge- Stand with a dumbbell in each hand, feet hip-width apart, arms at sides. Step left leg forward into a lunge, knee over ankle, as you bring right hand, elbow bent 90 degrees, to chin level in front, and left hand, elbow bent, back near left hip (as shown). Rise and step left leg behind you, reversing arms and lowering until left knee almost touches floor and right knee is aligned over ankle, to complete one rep. 12 reps on each side. 

4. Pushup/Fly Combo- Holding a dumbbell in each hand, kneel in push-up position with hands aligned under shoulders, palms facing each other. Extend legs or continue to rest on knees. Lower chest to floor until elbows are bent about 90 degrees. Press up, then lift right dumbbell out to shoulder height (as shown). Lower dumbbell to floor, then repeat push-up and lift left arm to complete one rep. 6-8 reps.

5. Kangaroo- Stand at the bottom of a staircase (or on one side of step), elbows bent 90 degrees. Squat low, then jump to the next step (as shown), landing softly on entire foot. Continue to top of stairs (or on and off step), jog down and repeat. 15 reps. 

6. Walking Plank- Get in plank position on a smooth floor, hands aligned under shoulders and toes about hip-width apart on a towel (or wear socks). Keeping abs pulled in and torso strong, slowly walk hands forward six "steps" on floor, dragging towel with you as you go (as shown). Rest 30 seconds; repeat.

photos and routine adapted from SELF magazine. 


  1. Definitely need to put this workout to the test, and this playlist! Adore!
    xo TJ


  2. Great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.


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