A Day in the Life: Michele Wright

Babe of the Week: Michele Wright

Occupation: Designer/Colorist/Stylist @ Columbia Sportswear

I couldn't be more excited to feature Portland native, Michele from Wright for Michele on my blog this week.  Not only is she beautiful and obviously has a great, unique style, but she's also kind, vibrant, hardworking, and lives a healthy lifestyle in the midst of her busy schedule.  Yep, you will love her just as much as I do.  Get a glimpse at a day in her life below and head to her blog for great style tips, rad outfits, and creative inspiration!


Alarm screamed around 5:45 hitting snooze until 7:00am, basically
perusing instagram photo's or reading Stylesights Headlines from my
iPhone with an ever so often phone drop to the face.

Before I leave for the day I take a shot of apple cider vinegar, omega
3-6-9 oil and aloe vera from the same shot glass wishing it was
whiskey. If I remember I take my folic acid, seabuckthorn and
probiotics pills along with that shot.

After arriving to my day job at Columbia Sportswear I situation my
surroundings then head straight to the cafe to cut into my avocado,
tomato and hard boiled eggs. Building a perfect trifecta tower of
goodness then dumping massive amounts of chalula on top.

Work agenda today... finishing building the new
apparel flat sketches to pass off to directors for official roll-out
to all designers.

Banana for snack, answering emails, organizing paperwork, etc., etc.

Lunchin' it:

Homemade quinoa vegetable stir-fry with sriracha, a recipe I found on


The afternoon was spent in Columbia's creative work space for
designers reviewing color with the print and pattern team.

45 minute Barre class held at office.

Pear and raw almonds for snack.

I wrap up my work day with a hardy 45 minute drive through traffic and
an almost daily stop to Trader Joe's to pick up anything that fancies
me. Today it was a can of refried beans, fresh tomato, corn tortillas,
canned corn, avocado and cilantro for some homemade meatless mexican

Dinner time:

Mexican Pizzas paired with a glass or two of some heart pumping Sangiovese.
Topped off with internet time, a flash scene of trash TV if the
husband will allow paired with a red vine or 5.

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