Turkey + Veggie Swiss Chard Wrap

Umm, North West friends: is this weather ridiculous or what? I feel like I'm back in Southern California. Last night I put my jackets in storage and swapped them for sandals, short sleeves and summer dresses- YES PLEASE!

With this warm Portland weather hanging around I've been trying to eat super clean and lean towards eating more raw foods. My favorite typical lunch is a sandwich (elementary school nostalgia), but I've managed to toss my g-free bread out and skinny it up (gotta be bikini ready).

Ready for the most simple sandwich ever? This is my new favorite, hands down.

Turkey + Swiss Chard Wrap

2 large swiss chard leaves
1 tablespoon tahini sauce
Sliced cucumber
Sliced red bell pepper
Sliced red onion
4 slices of turkey deli meat (nitrate free)

Spread some tahini on each leaf and place the veggies and turkey on top. Fold like a burrito and enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!

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