Escape the City

This weekend was some Pacific Northwest perfection. A few of us got to stay at our friends house in Stevenson, WA which is about an hour drive outside of Portland. There is something about the simplicity of life in towns like Stevenson that I just can't really seem to ever get enough of. All I can think about is cooking, adventuring and reading a book on the porch. 

I used to not be "outdoorsy" and adventuress at all. When I lived in San Diego, the beach was pretty much the only time spent outdoors. When I moved to Oregon, that changed real quickly. My weekends revolve around the outdoors now: hiking, stand up paddle, running outside, adventuring to a new lake, camping, etc. Getting my fishing license now tops my to-do list, where as before it was most likely "get a pedicure" or "buy a new dress." 

No thanks.

A view like this or shopping?  I'm going with the view. 
                                              Fancy restaurant or chips, hummus, and wine on a secret part of the river that got you there via mini sail boat?

Okay, don't get me wrong, I still love a good sale at Nordstrom, a new pair of shoes and a nice dinner out. My priorities are just a whole lot different. And honestly, thank GOD for that. Enjoying the company of people and the beauty of the outdoors is a whole lot more fulfilling than any material thing will ever be. It took me a long time to figure that out.

This was our yummy breakfast spread: Fresh fruit with basil and local honey, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs with green onion, and wait for it... baked beans. Yep, baked beans.

Thanks for the perfect escape this weekend. And thanks to the sail boat for being our transportation and photo prop- it was a really great sport.


  1. An afternoon with friends by a gorgeous river and a bottle of wine sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon :)

    1. It really was the perfect way : ) I'm dreaming about it now!


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