My Medicine Cabinet Essentials

Budget Beauty

When it comes to beauty products, I try my best to stick with products as natural as possible. I also try to keep within a reasonable budget. The more simple, the better!

1. Rose Water: A great choice for toner, refresher (i'm slightly addicted)
2. Dr. Bronners Soap: I've always loved using soap vs. body wash. The lavender scent is the best, I think :)
3. Jojoba Oil: Not only is this great for dry hair, but I love using this as a moisturizer at nighttime. A little goes a long way too, so it is extremely cost effective. 
4. Boots Botanics: I buy this at Target and it is by far the best makeup remover I've used! 
5. Toms Natural Toothpaste: Conventional toothpastes are questionable and contain harmful ingredients- the trick to natural toothpaste is finding one that you like (some don't taste too great).
6. Neutrogena Naturals: This is a great, clean, inexpensive face wash, that doesn't leave your skin too dry!
7. Burt's Bees: I have always loved their chap sticks, but I'm extra in love with their new tinted ones that give your lips a slight, pretty color.
8. Rescue Remedy: I swear by this stuff. I keep one in my cabinet and one in my purse. Their formula really does help you instantly relax.
9. Aveda Chakra Spray: These new chakra balancing sprays smell great and work wonders. My favorite is chakra 3- Intention : )

Budget Beauty by ilovenourish featuring burts bees

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