So Long, Northwest Summer

After my first full summer in Oregon, I can finally understand why people "live for the summers" up here. This was a summer to remember, that's for sure. With the symbolic "labor day" close to the summertime, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for Fall... Hmm, let's reflect.

Summertime, there is a lot that will be missed:

Sandy toes and salty hair at Short Sands
Hiking Angels Rest at sunset
Hike-in rivers, lakes and waterholes
Beach bonfires
Stand Up Paddle on the Willamette
Concerts in the park
Biking to happy hour
Patio seating at Vendetta
Windows down car rides
Vitamin D= : )
Tan lines
Sipping Rose on the deck
Sun dresses
Backyard bbq's
Horseshoes at Skyline Tavern
New Season's quinoa salad
Weekend road trips
Coastal Camping
Outside Farmers Markets

I'll be getting all my boots out of storage today! Who else is ready for Fall!?

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