Favorite Things Friday

Today I kick start my 'Favorite Things Friday." I have a LOT of favorite things, so these posts may vary in length depending on the week.

Here is what I'm loving this week, aside from the fact that we just signed a lease on a new little home in Portland!! More updates on that to come!

1. Tula Bakery gluten free sea salt chocolate chip cookie (holy cow). Umm, and shaped like a heart? I devoured this. This is by far the tastiest and softest gfree cookie I've ever had. If you live in Portland, don't let the weekend go by without getting yourself one.

2. My man! I mean, he is my favorite thing everyday, but for my first 'favorite things post', he had to make an appearance. He makes me stupid happy.

3. My new Nike shoes! They make the circuit training I've been doing so much better. I now understand the importance of good athletic shoes. They also have a funky design which make my feet feel fancy. ; )

4. My new Mac book! I am saying sayonara to my bulky desktop. I have loved having a desktop, but with a lot of travel and time out of the house, it is hard to stay productive without having access to all of my files. I have always had the oldest version of all the latest technology my whole life, but thanks to my tech savvy fiance, I now have all the newest gadgets. Now if I can just figure out how to use it all... ; )

Happy Friday friends!! I hope you have the greatest weekend!

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