Weekend Getaway: Bend, OR

This past weekend was spent in the ever so beautiful, Bend! Since I've moved to Oregon I have wanted to visit and I FINALLY had the chance to go, partner in crime by my side.

Bend is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Portland and I highly recommend the route through Sisters, OR (I-5 to the 22). Sisters is the cutest town EVER. 

We grabbed a massive road trip coffee and left first thing Saturday morning. 

Car snacks: Apples, water, more water, turkey slices, carrots, raw almonds

Tunes: Washed Out, Tycho and my classic rock mix (a must when you are driving through the mountains)

After a snowy drive we arrived to our friends place who let us stay at their house for the weekend. We headed straight to Deschutes Public House and ordered lunch and pear ciders (they have an AWESOME g-free menu). 

We ventured around a bit and decided to dinner at home. Some wine, some steak, some music, and a hot tub in the snow (you'd opt for staying in too, trust me!).

And of course a fire and some food photography. : )

After a solid nights sleep and a healthy breakfast to start the day, we headed to Smith Rock. While we planned on hiking, thanks to Oregon's schizophrenic weather we decided to just take pictures instead. None the less, it was BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to head back their in the Springtime and tackle the hike to the top. 

And after a snowy, rainy, yet still ridiculously fun trip, we headed back home to Portland. The drive home was extra breezy considering I was preoccupied with pinteresting design ideas for our new house... 23 days to go!!!

Until next time, Bend. You were fun!

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