Portland Apothecary Summer CSH Giveaway!

Ohhhh how excited I am this morning to share this giveaway! My friends at Portland Apothecary are giving away a summer CSH share to one lucky winner! This means, you will get:

Lemon Verbena + Rose Sun Tea

Summer Solstice Mister

Calendula + Lavender Repair Balm

Lemongrass Sugar Scrub

Assortment of Travel Sized Soaps

The first time I used Portland Apothecary, I bought the Sea Mineral Soak after a tough hike-in camping weekend. My body was spent and after using it, I felt like a new person. It was also an instant mood uplifter, which it made it love at first soak for me!

What I love about this company (aside from beautiful concoctions and design) is that everything is seasonal. As everything should be! Just as our bodies go through changes with the different seasons, adjusting your approach to healthcare should be just the same.

What is a seasonal share? "Your Portland Apothecary Share will contain small batch, handcrafted medicinals that will help you move through the seasons with health and awareness. Your Share will always come with a detailed description of the season and what ways you can meet the challenges of that season with health. You’ve heard of seasonal eating at this point, well—this is seasonal healthcare. We want to keep you from getting sick to begin with. You’ll find a wide range of herbal remedies in each Share ranging from tinctures & teas to artisanal soap & medicinal honey."


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2. Comment below (if you aren't a google user click "name/url")  and tell us what your dreamiest summer day looks like.
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One lucky winner will be chosen this week! We will contact the winner by tagging your name on instagram! 


  1. Breakfast in bed, gardening, take the boat out on the river, catch some fresh fish, drink some wine with friends and call it night!

  2. wake up on a island somewhere... <3

  3. hike-in to a pnw lake, swim, paddle around in a canoe, build a fire and cook a yummy dinner, then sleep under the stars. all this with my man, pup and some good friends. dreamytown usa.

  4. Visiting Riffe Lake here in Washington!

  5. Hmmm... my dreamiest summer day?
    Exploring in the outdoors! Either at the coast or on a hike in the forest. :)

  6. My dreamiest summer day involves: hiking up a trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway, followed by cooling my heels in a mountain creek. Then there'd be some kind of picnic situation. On our way back home, we'd stop for ice cream. Next stop, the bed, for a loooooooong nap.

  7. frolicking barefoot while surrounded by trees and flowers and happyloving creatures and people, swimming (preferably naked) in a river or lake, cooking a colorful and delicious meal using vegetables raised by me.

  8. My perfect summer day involves a good book, a hammock under a shady tree and some not-too-sweet homemade lemonade with something fun out of the garden added to it. Lavender? Followed by a sweet, late after noon hike with the dog and grilling out with friends and watching the fireflies gather.


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