If you know me well, you know I love my Mexican food!  The simple flavors and the mix of creamy, spicy, hot, cold... mmmm!

After work yesterday I decided to indulge in a margarita.  I can honestly say that a margarita is one of my favorites.  One margarita lead to a Mexican food feast.  For the first time I made some homemade enchiladas.  Not only were they homemade and delicious- they were gluten free, soy and dairy free, and of course, meat free.  

Although I am not vegan, I do try and incorporate as many meals as I can that are without dairy, wheat, and vegetarian.  I continuously strive to make "knock off" meals, without using the fake chicken, or soy everything.  Last night I learned that yes, you can indeed make enchiladas without beef or chicken and dairy.  Try this!

Lindsay's Vegan Enchiladas

1 package of handmade corn tortillas
1 can of black beans
1 can of corn
1 can of sliced black olives
1 small can of green chili's (or I used fresh- whatever is easiest)
3 cups of fresh spinach
2 teaspoons of garlic powder
2 teaspoons of sea salt
2 teaspoons of course black pepper
1 teaspoon of chili powder
1 whole block of soy/dairy free cheddar cheese (i used almond cheese)
2 tablespoons of tomato paste
1 whole jar of red enchilada sauce (I like the wholefoods brand one)
1 whole avocado
1 handful of cilantro

Heat the oven to 375
Sauce together: olives, beans, corn, garlic powder, salt, pepper, tomato paste, chili powder, and a splash of the enchilada sauce.
Once hot- add in 2 cups of the spinach for one minute until slightly soft.  Turn burner off.
Grab a glass baking pan- 8 by 13 if you have it.
Heat the tortillas in the micro for about one minute until soft.
One by one, take each tortilla, spray the outside with olive oil spray and on the inside fill it with the sauteed veggie filling.  
Roll like a taquito, placing the open flaps down. (**This may get messy- it is ok!)
Do this for each tortilla, filling the baking dish.
Once they are all placed in the dish, pour the rest of all the enchilada sauce on top evenly, covering each tortilla. 
Then, sprinkle the remaining spinach on top of that.
On top the spinach, you will spread the grated "cheese" all over the top.
Place in the oven for 20 minutes.
Once cooked, evenly place sliced avocado on top.  If your enchilada sauce turned out bitter (which some are), scoop some pineapple salsa on top for a little sweetness.  It is SO GOOD.

Now I am going to go eat the leftovers...

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  1. Linz,

    I love reading your Blog and am always looking at your wonderful + healthy recipes and nutritional tips! . xx love megan


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