What I'm Lovin' Wednesday's

1. Kure Juice Bar.  I almost have to say nothing except go-there-seriously.  Their blends are out of this world.  My personal favorite- the Greenheart (pineapple, banana, kale, algae, coconut oil, and apple juice-oh my!).

2. MacLeay park in Portland.  Never seems to get old going there, whether you want to walk it or run.  Plus its a stones throw away from where I live, so don't be alarmed if you run into me there.  I'm super friendly.

3. My new iPhone app, PicFrame.  I'm still that super nerdy blogger that uses her phone for all of her pictures.  And get all excited when apps are as awesome as this one.

4. Simple breakfasts.  Lately, I have been having a LOT more fruit at breakfast time.  Call me crazy, but I'd rather have some chocolate on the side with my scrambled eggs.  Then I realized that just doesn't seem like the most practical breakfast.  Anyway, fruit is a better choice.  Pair it with some protein in the morning and you have a great combo that will leave you satiated for a few hours and help curb your sweet cravings.

5. Purely Elizabeth Granola. Gluten-free, vegan, sweetened with coconut sugar, and quite possibly the tastiest granola you will ever try. This granola is loaded with healthy ingredients that you won't find in your typical bag.  Learn more about Purely Elizabeth foods and order some here.

6. Chunky knit sweaters over flannels.  It may be the Portland in me now, but I love flannels. I like to pair a flannel under a cute sweater, or on the weekends you may find me in a men's flannel.  Okay, NOT for that reason, but because they are comfy, easy, and sexy in my opinion.

And guys, every woman loves a man in a flannel.  Just sayin....

7. 100% Lip Gloss.  I'm semi-obsessed with their fruit pigmented lip glosses.  100% pure is, well, 100% pure.  If you aren't familiar with their products, you should really check them out!

8. Stella Salvador necklaces.  I think these simple disc necklaces are so pretty.  If you have kids, the necklaces that are engraved are adorable too.  Click here for her Etsy page.

9. An organized desk.  Maybe this is because I work a lot from home, but having a simple, organized desk is essential.  I also try and keep a flower or dozen on there- makes me feel semi-outside when I'm spending too much time inside.  Oh, and West Elm desks.  Their desks are outta this world good looking.

Yep, that just about sums up my favorites for the week.  Happy Wednesday everyone! 


  1. Great recommendations!! X

  2. I love 100% Pure!! They make the best products ever. And I'm a HUGE flannel fan to on guys- sexy! ; )

  3. I second that flannel comment!! <3

  4. That necklace is adorable and I also agree an organized desk is essential! By the way you have such a fun blog, consider me your newest follower :)



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