Je Vous Manque, Paris

At least a few times a week I have French guys France on my mind.  The music, the culture, the FOOD, the language, the shopping, the history, and on, and on, and on...

So I turn up the Glenn Miller Orchestra or Francoise Hardy pandora station, pour a glass of sparkling wine, whip up a French inspired meal, and sort through pictures from my trip.  
A majority of my photos have the Eiffel tower in the background.  But you can tell by a happy face that my typical "don't look like a tourist" travel act was nowhere to be found.  

With my mom in town this week, sorting through these pictures brought back some incredible memories.  I must say that I feel right at home in Europe and I thank my British mother for that. I also thank her citizenship for allowing me to have a UK passport.   Love ya, Mom!

All this Paris talk made me hungry (weird?). Croque Monsieur anyone? That's right... thanks to Elephants Delicatessen here in Portland, I was able to snag a gluten-free version of this, an option you won't be finding in Paris, that's for sure.

And cheers- cheers to a great weekend.  It feels pretty great to have a few days off from work and even better knowing that I get to spend some quality girl time with my Mom and Sister.  I'm beyond blessed to have such a great family.  Hope you all have a really great Saturday. We are off to go wine tasting in the Willamette Valley. Tough, tough weekend...


  1. Love this post!!! You are so beautiful!


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