Returning home to Southern California tends to always bring up conflicting emotions. While I crave the ocean air, the salty smell, the piercing sun rays, my friends and family, and those darn avocados that melt in your mouth; I'm still forced to find gratitude in the simple changes that living in Oregon has brought to my life. I return home to California less compelled to shop and go out at night, and more insistent upon morning beach runs, dinners with friends and family, and general r&r.

On the agenda for the rest of my trip: Mexican food, happy hour with my girlfriends, another beach run, stand up paddle boarding (it is forecasted to be 79 degrees after all), drive to LA tomorrow for work, a necessary trip to Cafe Gratitude, head back to San Diego the next day, yet another beach day, dinner with family, and then back to Portland I go. Whew! Must. soak. it. up!

Here are a few captures from our trip so far. Congratulations to my beautiful cousin Caitlin and her new husband, Collin. It was an incredible wedding!

Oh, and please take a peek at my Uncle's Hollywood home. My dream kitchen was exposed to me yesterday...

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