Rancher's Ground Pork + Veggie Scramble

The weekends typically call for some extra lovin' when it comes to scrambling up some eggs...

A few months ago on an adventure through Eastern Washington, I grabbed some breakfast in the middle of nowhere- literally. There was a huge ranch, one gas pump that looked like it hadn't been used in a few decades and this tiny little breakfast spot. I remember bracing myself for the typical "biscuits and gravy, two eggs and bacon, etc." menu. But, nope! While their menu was small, to my surprise they actually had an array of scrambles, whole wheat waffles, steal cut oats, and yummy juices.

Sigh... (Blissful Lindsay!)

Let's just say it was love at first scramble. I had to recreate this!

I ate mine with some Aardvark hot sauce (and all the Portlander's said.... !!)

My man had his mixed with brown rice, avocado and Aarvark hot sauce. Either way, it's real good y'all!

Rancher's Ground Pork + Veggie Scramble
serves 4

1 8oz package of organic ground pork
4 whole eggs, 4 egg whites
1 tbsp grapeseed oil
1 zucchini, diced small
3 C. spinach
1 small green bell pepper diced
1/2 yellow onion diced
1 C. Mushrooms

Spices: garlic powder, sea salt, ground pepper (all to taste)

Sides: Sliced avocado, hot sauce or pico de gallo, and brown rice if you'd like!


In a stove top pan on medium heat, begin to cook the ground pork, using a fork to break up the meat (about 5-8 minutes until pork is cooked).

Meanwhile, get all of your veggies cleaned and diced and set aside.

In a medium size bowl whisk the eggs together adding in a small amount of sea salt and a splash of water.

In a separate, large frying pan, heat up the grapeseed oil over medium-high heat.

Add in all veggies and sea salt to taste. Cook veggies thoroughly for about 3 minutes.

Turn the stove down to medium heat. Add in pork, eggs, sea salt, pepper and garlic powder into the pan and scramble away! You might need to add a splash of olive oil again to prevent sticking.

Happy breakfasting! : )

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