Favorite Things Friday!

Longest. Week. Ever.

I'm feeling super grateful that today is Friday. I can't win every week, right? This week was just, BLAH. However, today brings a lot of excitement. Mom's in town + moving time! We finally get to move into our new place this weekend and as much as I hate the pack-unpack process, I can't wait to get settled in to our new home!!

1. Bloody Mary's. Because who doesn't like the fact that you feel semi-healthy while getting a buzz? Or the fact that you can get away with having one at 10 in the morning. I'll take mine extra spicy, please.

2. Eddie Vedder-"Hard Sun." This song makes me want to go on a road trip and roll the windows down on an open highway with my feet out the window. I'm craving a long road trip.

3. Trips to the coast: The Oregon coast blows my mind. It's unlike anything else. Plus, I think the Southern Californian in me needs to feel the ocean breeze at least bi-monthly. The ocean is where I find the most peace.

4. Madalynn Swimsuit: I love a good swimsuit. And since we are getting married in Hawaii, I decided to get a sex(ier) suit as a little motivation to get my butt in the best shape possible. And by butt, I mean yes, my booty, but also my whole body! Let the lunging and squatting begin!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a great weekend. : )

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