Bun in the Oven!

Many of you might have experienced the feeling, but I was in total disbelief when I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I had to take about 5 tests until I realized that they were just going to keep coming back positive. Holy crap!!

It truly is the most exciting/nerve wrecking feeling. Telling Tyson I was pregnant was the cutest thing... I've never seen his face light up so much. And then telling the parents... my Mom texted me about 15 times the next day telling me that she couldn't stop crying and she was so excited. She's been wanting to be "Nana" for quite some time now. 

I've always wanted kids, I just didn't know when. And when I met Tyson, kids were brought up by our third date. I just was over-the-moon excited to start a family with him. Seeing our relationships dynamic and the type of man he is... I was like, "Yup, he is going to make the worlds best Dad and we are going to be a great team!"

And going in for the ultrasound was the most beautiful thing. I was so nervous to go in. You just hear all of those horror stories. But we both went in, held hands and saw our little one active as can be in there. Once we heard the actual heartbeat, we both cried. It is so surreal! 

The first trimester has been going pretty well. I definitely feel nauseous from time to time, but nothing too crazy. More than anything, I just feel much more tired than normal. I am typically a go-go-go person, so feeling slowed down drives me a bit bonkers, but I'm just trying to embrace the process. I've kept my lifestyle basically the same. I still workout everyday, kept my calories the same, and sleep a lot. I have been trying to incorporate more dairy and gluten into my diet from time to time, but that is about it!

Oh... and the cravings. Those are hilarious. I literally craved tacos for an entire day, came home to make them and decided I was craving refried beans with cheese instead. And I ate an entire can. And it was heaven. 

While I can definitely feel my body changing a bit, I still "vow" to wear that dang wedding dress in one week. Might be a little tighter than expected, but it is still happening. 

Hawaii, HERE WE COME!!!!

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