Wedding Bliss

Pardon my little hiatus, but I was getting married in MAUI! It was the most wonderful time and I already miss that place terribly. We had a small group of 15 there, including my best friend since high school and her boyfriend coming out from where they live in Indonesia. That means- flight after flight after flight to get there. I couldn't have been more grateful to have everyone there.

Back in Oregon, Tyson and I are now getting prepped for our Oregon reception with more friends and family this weekend. So much fun going on right now. And thank goodness for my 13th week of pregnancy. I'm feeling a lot more energy than before! Watch out!

Marriage so far has only meant more kisses, more laughs, and more great memories.  I love more than anything, just being able to call Tyson my husband. My life is so incredibly fulfilled with him. 

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